Since our product is controlled from seeds to finished goods. Our quality starts straight from the farms along with our agriculture partners Agrofood, which have more than 25 years experience exporting to EU & UK, by using very simple steps...

- Samples of soil, water and compost is taken and analyzed before planting.

- Specified list of acceptable fertilizers and pesticides is given to each farm and this the only products that they can use.

- Clear record keeping is kept for all farms.

- Analysis are done at random during growing season and just before harvest.

- Random check are done again by our certifiers to double check for everything.


Due to our exceptional newest technology and Eco-friendly machinery which are closed stainless steel, we are able to meet all our customers' requirements in terms of size and homogeneous color. The company has also customized a substantial part of the machinery, auto- mating almost all the manual remains and almost untouched by hands with 100 % automatic lines to avoid any human contamination. The modern new line and 30 years experience has enabled us to achieve dehydrated onion with extra low bacteria during summer season.

          Our facility is brand new and all our machinery are new and in highest in technology available. We have developed them in the past years with our expertise from USA, Germany and Japan to achieve those unbelievable results that we have never seen before in this industry for our satisfied customers worldwide.


Each batch and lot number are carefully tested in our well-equipped laboratory according to international standards. Our lab follows with the analysis of the raw material starting from the field to the finished products: pesticides (heavy metals), flavor, bacteriological test according to ISO methods. We analyze, we document, and we assure that our clients receive the product they require according to the specifications they ask for, and when they need it.



Core Values

We use machinery that are eco-friendly only and grow our own onions in desert areas to give back to the environment.
We act responsibly by ensuring all our staff are trained with HACCP food principles since food and hygiene is our philosophy and by giving back to the community by acting sustainably
We are well known for our customer's service since we consider their success as our success
We have more than 30 years experience in this field and still exploring new ideas with the latest technology available
We love what we do and we believe in ourselves and our customers